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Solar Packages

We provide competitively priced solar panel and meter combination packages while always ensuring we provide you with a solution tailored for your home.

About Us

CEC (Clean Energy Council) Certified, Gold Coast team of dedicated professionals with over 10 years of experience in providing customer-focused solar solutions.

System Options

Learn about and understand the different solar panel systems that are available – such as hybrid, grid connect or off grid – and the different ways they deliver solar power.

Ongoing Support

Our service to you doesn’t finish after we install your solar power system. We offer ongoing support, answering any questions and helping you capitalise on your investment.

CEC Accredited Solar Panel Installer Gold Coast and Brisbane
SunGrow Solar Panels Gold Coast and Brisbane
Jinko Solar Panels Gold Coast and Brisbane
SMA Solar Inverters Gold Coast and Brisbane
Lerri Solar Panels Gold Coast and Brisbane
Growatt Solar Inverters Gold Coast and Brisbane

The Solar Process

  • Consult

    We understand your budget, energy consumption, future plans, sun exposure and discuss eligible rebates,

  • Tailor

    A qualified electrician explains the different solar systems and suggests the best option for you.

  • Install

    The same electrician then connects your panels with his team of experienced installers.

  • Save

    Your home is now powered by the sun. Expect to see savings on your next electricity bill.

Install Solar Panels

Save Money

Reduce CO2 Emissions

With Our 12 Years’ Experience

Let’s talk about a tailored solar solution for you.

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