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Solar Installation Explained: Everything You Need to Know

Have you considered making the move to solar energy? We discuss the benefits of installing solar power and what to expect.

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Solareze solar installation

Solar energy generated roughly 10% of Australia’s electricity in 2020-2021.

In recent years many people and industries have started moving towards renewable energy sources. Of those available, solar is one of the most popular for several reasons and having solar installed on your home can provide a range of benefits.

For a rundown of solar power, keep reading.

What is Solar Energy?

In simple terms, solar energy is electricity that is generated directly from sunlight.

How Solar Systems Work

Solar panels are made up of PV (photovoltaic) modules that absorb and convert sunlight into electrical energy. This electrical energy is then able to provide power to your home. Depending on the efficiency of your system and the amount of power you tend to use, a solar installation may be able to power your entire house throughout a single day.

Before Installing Solar

Solar installations vary greatly. Some aspects are essential, and some are optional. Depending on your situation what you need can vary, so here are a few things you need to do beforehand.

Understand Your Energy Usage

Everyone has different energy needs, so knowing what yours are will help with the installation. The team at SolarEze can even help you work out roughly how much you’ll save on bills by upgrading to a solar power system.

Determine Where to Install Your Panels

Here in Queensland, the sun travels across our sky in the north. So, we typically install solar panels on the north facing parts of roofs to maximise the exposure to the sun. We also work with our customers using software to map solar panel installations on their roofs so that they can see exactly how it will look.

What Is Your Roofing Material?

Solar panels are fine to install on most types of roofing, but different materials have different requirements. The material of your roof will affect the time and cost of the installation.

Parts of a Solar Installation

There are several components that make up a solar power system. A reputable solar installation company like SolarEze will be able to provide all of these and fully install them.

Solar Panels

Most people are familiar with this part. These will sit on your roof (or elsewhere if need be) and absorb sunlight that will be converted into electricity.

Solar Inverter

The solar panels output a direct current (DC) however, as most homes use alternate current (AC), your system will need an inverter to convert the initial DC into AC so that it is useable.

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Solar Battery

Solar batteries aren’t entirely necessary but can add more functionality to your system. As your solar panels only generate electricity through the day, a battery can be used to store unused solar power so that when there’s no sunlight your home will then draw energy from the charged solar battery.

This increases your energy independence as you will rarely rely on the grid. A solar battery is ideal in a home that uses a lot of energy at night.

Benefits of Solar Power

As improvements occur solar power is becoming far more popular and as such, there are several benefits that come with having a solar installation on your home.

Green Energy

Perhaps the most significant benefit of solar energy is that it’s environmentally friendly. Rather than burning fossil fuels, we can simply get energy directly from sunlight.

While some places might get more sunlight than others, solar energy is accessible anywhere in the world, and there is no risk of it running out (especially here in Queensland). As more people make use of solar energy, fewer greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere.

Reduced Energy Bills

Most people typically get all of their electricity from the power grid. Using solar energy will reduce your reliance on the grid, therefore reducing your electricity bills. Depending on your installation, you may end up taking no energy from the grid at all.

In some circumstances, a home’s solar installation will generate more electricity than is used within that home. In this case, the excess energy is sent back to the grid, and the owner of that installation is paid for that electricity by their power provider.

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Low Maintenance

Some people display a concern with having solar panels on their roofs. They worry that they’ll be difficult to access if there are any issues. This isn’t really something to worry about as solar installations generally require very little maintenance.

In most situations, a yearly inspection by a solar maintenance company will suffice. The yearly inspection usually includes a service of your panels, inverter and inspection of isolators and wiring behind your panels. A good solar maintenance company will also provide you with a solar panel cleaning as part of this service.

All SolarEze installations come with a 10-year workmanship warranty, so you can be sure that our systems are built to last. If any issues do come up, SolarEze will repair anything under warranty while also providing maintenance and cleaning services.


Your solar installation will have an initial cost that will be dependent on the system you get. In the long run, it will pay for itself due to the money saved on power bills, but on top of that, you may be entitled to a Queensland Government Rebate. With this, you can save an additional $2,387 to $4,774 per year.

Be sure to contact SolarEze to find out if you are eligible for this solar rebate.

Getting Your Solar Installation?

SolarEze is a professional solar installation company that operates from Brisbane and the Gold Coast down to Northern NSW, and has over a decade  of experience in developing both residential solar and commercial solar solutions. Whether you’re looking for a new solar system, have questions about an existing one or simply would like to learn more about solar power, our friendly team of solar experts are here to help.

We're here to help!

Whether you're looking for a new solar system, have questions about an existing one or simply would like to learn more about solar power, our friendly team of solar experts are here to help.

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