Learn about the different Solar Power Systems we offer from Brisbane to the Gold Coast and Northern NSW.

There are a few different ways in which solar panels can be wired to your home and then connected to the grid for Government rebates. We offer all available options and are happy to discuss your personal situation and advise which option will work best for you. Click on the different headings below to learn more about that system.

Grid Connect

Gold Coast Solar Power SystemThe most common solar power system in Australia, Grid Connect joins the installed solar panels to an inverter which is then connected to your home’s power supply. Your energy and electricity requirements are then fed directly from power generated by the solar panels.

Any power being generated over your consumption is then transferred back to the grid and sold to the market at somewhere between 6c and 12c per kW. Given sun-drenched Brisbane and the Gold Coast and Northern NSW, this is a likely scenario, depending on the size of your solar power package.

Despite the electricity rebate, this rate is less than energy companies charge for that same amount of power so it is best that tasks with high power consumption such as pool pumps, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers are run during the day directly off solar power rather than selling that power back to the grid and then paying a premium to perform those tasks at night.

Hybrid System

Coffs Harbour Solar Panel InstallersHybrid systems combine Grid Connect Solar Power Systems with batteries that store excess power to be used at night when the solar panels are not generating power.

Depending on the size of your system, your sun exposure and the amount of power you are consuming, it is possible to eliminate, or at least drastically reduce the amount of power drawn from the grid with a Hybrid Solar Power System – especially for those who have solar power on the sun-drenched Gold Coast or throughout Northern NSW.

For example if someone has our most popular 5kw Solar Power Package, on average they will generate 21.6kw each day. If their average usage is 15kw a day – with 5kw of this being used at night – the addition of a 6kw battery bank would cover the night usage and there will be enough excess power during the day to cover the charging of the battery system on all but the darkest of days.

Off Grid System

Off Grid Solar Power System Northern NSWFor those who live on more rural properties and cannot connect to the electricity grid – such as commonly found in Northern NSW – or for those who want to eschew the system altogether, an Off Grid Solar Power System is the answer.

Off Grid Systems require that the solar power system is appropriately sized so that solar panels consistently generate more power than the expected electricity usage. Excess power is then stored in a large battery bank for use at night or times of high demand.

Generally, the installation of batteries that will last up to five days is recommended to cater for particularly bad weather – such as that the Gold Coast often experiences during the summer storm season.

Off Grid Solar Power Systems are more expensive than Hybrid or Grid Connect Solar Power Systems but they provide freedom from the grid and power companies as well as the ability to turn off generators.

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