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Easy and straightforward process all round. Very happy.

Lindy was great and very helpful with understanding how everything works and the processes. Install was 10 days later, which went off without a hitch. Just waiting for my first retailer bill now.

Lizette – QLD, 4073 Solareze tick 40

Good understanding of product.

The reason we decided to go with SolarEZE over the other two solar companies we looked at was due to Lindy (sales). She knew the product well and was able to explain to us in layman’s term how things worked. The price was also very competitive and the installation was excellent. We would highly recommend SolarEZE to anyone who is looking at purchasing solar panels.

Tim – QLD, 4118 Solareze tick 40

Informative and pleasant experience

The process was very informative we came up with best set-up for my situation to keep my feed in tariff . Rob and Jen kept me informed with all the correct information to keep my 55c feed in tariff. Extremely happy with the whole process. This system replaced my original system.

Lloyd- QLD, 4074 Solareze tick 40

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