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Why choose SolarEze for commercial solar installation?

By reducing electricity bills instantly and helping the reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint at the same time, installing a commercial solar energy system will give your business a competitive edge it deserves.

Here at SolarEze, we pride ourselves on our extensive industry experienced and believe that we’re one of the most reliable solar retailers and installers of quality solar power systems across South East Queensland. We are also one of the country’s few Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers, providing commercial solar systems to all commercial properties across Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

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SolarEze has over 15 years of experience in the Solar Industry and is one of SEQ’s leading commercial solar installers.

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All of our team are locally based and can be contacted around the clock if you have questions about your system.

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We provide on-going system maintenance, inverter replacements and panel cleaning for all of our clients.

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On top of generous product warranties, we proudly offer and standby our 10 Year Warranty on workmanship.

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Our commercial solar customers save on average $7k -$10k a year

With the cost of electricity continuing to rise, commercial solar power is the perfect investment to future proofing your business against further unpredictable price increases. Join our other commercial solar customers and start saving thousands on your energy bills!

SolareEze is a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer

SolarEze is a proud Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer. This means that all SolarEze systems are expertly installed by Clean Energy Council accredited installers for efficiency and reliability.

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Gov Tax Incentives & Solar Rebates helping you save more.

Thanks to the federal government subsidies available through the Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme, solar has never been more affordable for commercial organisations.

As a business switching to solar power, you might be eligible to receive an upfront tax incentive when choosing a solar system up to 100kW, or an ongoing tax incentive (until 2030) for system over 100kW.

Our Most Popular Commercial Solar System Sizes

Commercial solar installations come in a range of sizes however, the most common systems we install are 10kW, 30kW, 50kW and 100kW.

Book a Free Onsite Assessment today where we’ll discuss what you’d like to achieve and analyse your power bills to find the best solar system size for your organisation or business.

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Hear from real SolarEze customers

From your initial consult with SolarEze, you’ll quickly understand why we have over 200 glowing reviews from real, local customers.

Good understanding of product.

The reason we decided to go with SolarEZE over the other two solar companies we looked at was due to Lindy (sales). She knew the product well and was able to explain to us in layman’s term how things worked. The price was also very competitive and the installation was excellent. We would highly recommend SolarEZE to anyone who is looking at purchasing solar panels.

Tim – QLD, 4118 Solareze tick 40

Fantastic installer and great support.

Fantastic communication, support, installation and customer service. Highly recommend getting assistance and installation through Jen and Rob. Jen was very knowledgeable and helpful and Rob and his crew was great doing the installation and walking me through the whole system.

Raeleigh – QLD, 4516 Solareze tick 40

Excellent Company for your solar installation.

Received a very thorough explanation of the 6.6 kw system with our quote from SolarEZE. After accepting, the installation was done 2 weeks later by Rob and his team. Very satisfied with the workmanship and result. Highly recommend them for your solar install.

Steve – QLD, 4165 Solareze tick 40

Easy and straightforward process all round. Very happy.

Lindy was great and very helpful with understanding how everything works and the processes. Install was 10 days later, which went off without a hitch. Just waiting for my first retailer bill now.

Lizette – QLD, 4073 Solareze tick 40

Great installer.

Everything about SolarEZE was fantastic. From the sales person Jen, who explained the entire process, to Rob and his team who installed and explained the apt to follow the amount of electricity used and sent back to the grid. Rob’s team were friendly, easy to talk to and extremely professional. When they were finished, they cleaned up everything. Fantastic job!

Barry – QLD, 4122 Solareze tick 40

Great from quote to installation.

SolarEze were great from quote to installation which, only took a week. Lindy was great at explaining the industry and systems and Rob did a fantastic job installing and setting up the app. They are even helping with panel replacement after the recent hail storm. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Mick – QLD, 4300 Solareze tick 40

You can read 200+ more reviews by SolarEze customers by visiting

Book your Free Onsite Assessment, today!

Call today on 0410 658 790 to speak with our friendly experts about organising a free onsite assessment for your business or organisation.

FAQs for commercial solar installations

Here are our answers to the top 5 most commonly asked questions we receive about solar installs for businesses. If you have others, be sure to get in touch!

What is commercial solar?

Commercial solar refers to the installation of a solar system on a variety of commercial business and organisations rather than on residential homes. These organisations range from small local businesses to large corporations, shopping centres, schools, universities, sporting clubs, government buildings, churches, and even not-for-profit and associations.

How does solar work for businesses?

The installation of commercial solar system for a business works in a similar way as it would for a residential home but just on a larger scale, i.e. it works in conjunction with the business’s existing grid electricity supply. When the system generates electricity, the commercial solar power system directly offsets the amount of electricity the business needs to purchase from their power provider, thus reducing their electricity bill.

For businesses that have commercial solar systems of 30kW or more installed, a Grid Protection Unit should generally be installed after the inverter and before the grid. This protection unit includes anti-islanding protection, and over/under voltage, current and frequency protection.

How efficient are commercial solar panels?

To measure the efficiency of a commercial solar panel, we must look at its ability to convert sunlight into useable electricity which is determined by their components, configuration, technology and composition. That said, the majority of solar panels installed throughout Australia operate at an efficiency between 17 to 19%. Although this might not seem like a lot, it was only a decade ago that they were closer to 11%.

If you’re interested in learning more about the efficiency of solar panels, there is quite a lot of research being done to improve commercial solar panels, specifically the cells within them. In fact, recent studies suggest that silicon cells have the potential to reach up to 30% efficiency while other emerging technologies are achieving an efficiency rate of almost 50%.

How long does it take to install commercial solar panels?

The installation of commercial solar panels generally takes between one to three days, depending on the size of the system required by the business or organisation. However, there are also other timeframes to factor into a commercial solar system installation such as finding the right solar installation company, the site visit by one of their consultants, filing possible permits with the local government authorities and submitting the necessary documents to the utility company.

If you’re wondering how long it might take to install commercial solar panels on your business, be sure to call our friendly solar experts on 0410 658 790 and we can provide you with a quick estimate over the phone.

How much do commercial solar panels cost?

The cost of commercial solar panels will depend greatly on what size system you choose for your business. Prices will vary from installer to installer however, as a rough guide a typical commercial solar system costs around $1 per watt once installed. So for example, a 30kW system will cost on roughly $30 000, and a 100kW system will cost roughly $100 000.

These prices should be used only as an estimate as simpler installations can be much cheaper whereas complicated projects can become more expensive. Below are some of the factors that go into pricing a commercial solar panel installation:

  • The height of the roof (Is the system for a one story building, a multilevel warehouse or for a beach from high-rise)?
  • The complexity of the solar panel layout.
  • How easy is it to access to the roof (Do we need an elevated work platform or a crane)?
  • How old the switchboard might be (Does it need upgrading)?
  • Where the inverter is located?
  • How much cable needs to be run?
  • Are there obstacles on the roof or shading?
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