Install commercial solar

Why Install Commercial Solar Power: 3 Reasons To Go Green!

Solar power not only reduces energy cost, but also meets environmental goals. Read on to learn about the many benefits of commercial solar power for businesses.

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Install commercial solar

Have you been hearing more and more about solar panel installation? That’s because solar has grown by more than 21% in the last year.

If you’ve been hearing about it, you may find yourself wondering if you should start looking into commercial solar power. Your answer should be yes.

There are so many benefits of solar panels for commercial buildings that you do not want to miss out on! If you’re curious to know more, keep reading to know why adding in commercial solar can be a smart move for your business.

Queensland’s Rising Electricity Prices

Let’s face it. Electricity prices are rising. And they are rising fast.

If you continue to use electrical power for your lights, generator, AC, etc., you’ll be looking at spending 18% more on electricity than you did last year.

In addition to a reduction in electricity prices, because you are running your business on solar power, you will also be reducing more overhead costs over the long term. Instead of watching numbers slowly rise, you will notice that you are not paying anything after the installation – you are letting the sun do all of the work.

Not only are you not going to be paying for the rising electrical prices, but you are also going to increase the property value with a clean energy power.

You also do not need to worry about the maintenance of solar systems as they normally have low maintenance costs. Once they are installed, you’ll immediately start saving money.

Solar energy prices

Become a Green Business

With the push to be a greener world, more customers are trying to weed out the businesses that are not green or sustainable. This means that if you do not go green as a business, your business could suffer.

One way to go green is to look into commercial solar installation.

Once you become green with commercial solar, you will be able to market this to your potential (and current) customers.

How to market that your business uses solar power

Try the following types of digital marketing to promote yourself as a green business:

  • Use various social media platforms to post about what you are doing to ‘go green’
  • Use Instagram to post stories about your business’s solar panel installation (show it happening)
  • Blog about ways to be a greener business
  • Write in the bios of your social media platform that you are a green business
  • Push out advertisements and promotional items that incorporate being green

With these promotional marketing strategies as well as digital strategies, you will attract a completely different demographic to your business. In fact, more than 71% of consumers say they are willing to pay more if they are supporting a sustainable business.

That means you are helping the environment while also gaining revenue for your business!

Other ways to be a Green Business

While you’re at it, what other ways can you go green? There are a few options for your business!

  • Add in a space for dishware in the workroom so that reusable utensils, coffee mugs, and plates can live there
  • Have a coffee pot instead of a coffer machine in the workspace
  • Incentivize workers to run, walk or bike to work by offering cash incentives or bonuses depending on the number of exercise minutes or steps
  • Encourage carpooling to work
  • Get rid of using paper – adopt new forms of technology for your business needs

Once you start going green, you won’t want to stop!

Save Money With Rebates

Our Government’s commercial rebate provides a portion of the sale price back to you. By installing solar panels, you can get a tax break and even money back!

While upfront costs can be daunting and make you feel that this is a bad investment upfront, these incentives and policies should make you feel more comfortable adapting this type of solar technology for your business and commercial space.

The Queensland government will give you a tax break called a feed-in tariff. There is more about this on the governmental website that you can take a look at to help you weigh your options.

Install commercial solar power

Increase Silence in the Workplace

Having generators power your power supply can be quite the noisy process. Solar panels are the opposite – you don’t hear a thing.

If you want to make your workspace quieter for those that are inside the commercial space, solar panels can do that for you!

They are also placed on the outside of the space, most likely the roof, which can completely open up your space to give you room for other, more important things for your business.

You could add in a workspace that invites people to collaborate, you could create a little market in the office, or you could stay up-to-date with some of the more hip workplace trends and offer a gym or nap room! All of these options are way better than generators!

Get Commercial Solar Power Today

While it can be daunting at first to make the initial investment for commercial solar power, there are so many benefits once you do it!

From saving money long-term, attracting customers who like green businesses with your promotional marketing, to getting tax credits, you’ll be reaping the benefits all at one time – and for a long time!

Ready to get started with a commercial solar installation? Contact us today if you have any other questions or hesitations – we’re here to answer those for you! Or if you’re looking for a quote on a new commercial solar power system, use our quote form here and one of our friendly solae experts will be in touch shortly.

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