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5 Reasons Why You Should Install Solar On Your Home

5 Reasons Why You Should Install Solar On Your Home

Thinking of installing solar? We discuss 5 reasons why installing solar will benefit you and your home.

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Did you know that solar power energy accounts for around 6.5% of Australia’s total electricity production? Over three million homes have residential solar panels, and Aussie homeowners have installed over 378,000 solar systems in 2020 alone.

Tap into the country’s unlimited sunshine supply by exploring solar system installation for your home. There are various benefits of solar that you can enjoy, from reducing your carbon footprint to decreasing your energy bills.

This guide will discuss the top five reasons you should consider a solar installation for your house.

Solareze why you should install home solar 3

1. Decrease Your Power Bills

You might notice your electricity bills increasing, especially during the summer. From using your cooling system more to hikes in the cost of electricity, you have little control over your monthly bills.

With solar panels, you’ll no longer depend on traditional electricity which will decrease your power bills, meaning won’t have to pay your electricals provider as much or anything at all.

Conventional energy sources, like natural gas and coal, cost more since they rely on fossil fuels. Unfortunately, fossil fuels are a limited resource which means the less there is, the higher the costs will be. Usually, each year energy providers pass on this higher cost to their customers so when you switch the solar energy, you won’t have to worry about your power costs creeping up year after year.

2. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Choice

Solar energy is one of the top greenest energy sources in the world. Without compromising how much energy you use or need, you can decrease your carbon footprint quite efficiently with solar power without emitting greenhouse gases.

Fossil fuels get burned to create electricity. During that process, they emit harmful gases.

Natural gas and coal plants produce air and water pollution which is harmful to the environment, including human health. It also requires a lot of water to produce electricity which can be devastating to river systems and surrounding lakes.

Solar power energy requires very little water to function. It doesn’t pollute our water resources or put a strain on our water supply. Solar energy also continues to work during a heatwave or drought. Nuclear, natural gas, or coal power plants use large quantities of water to cool their systems, so when we have severe droughts or periods of high heat, our electricity generation is at risk.

Solareze why you should install home solar

3. Be Independent Of Electrical Companies

When you’re home solar installation is producing energy, you don’t have to depend upon the electrical grid to power your home. Technical snags and power outages will no longer affect you.

If you choose to have a battery installed with your solar system, you’ll be protected from long-term power outages. The extra energy that your system produces will get sent to your battery which you can use when the power goes out or during the evenings.

Even if the day is cloudy, your solar energy system can absorb the sun’s energy. Your panels will work to convert that energy into electricity to power your appliances and home. Any extra power that your solar panels generate will get sent to your battery or get fed back into the power grid. You might even receive credits or refunds on your electricity bill instead of paying them.

As we talked about before, you’ll be immune from significant spikes in the cost of electricity in your area when you have a solar energy system. What little electricity you have to use will cost a fraction of what you paid previously.

4. Improve Your House’s Value

residential solar panel system will improve your home’s value. Homes with solar panels can attract a higher price than homes without. You can stand apart from other homes on the market by having a solar panel system installed in your home.

Potential homebuyers will see that you’ve already gone through the hassle and cost of having a solar panel system installed on your home. They can also look ahead to the future and see the energy savings they’ll experience each month with solar panels already installed.

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5. Low Maintenance

A solar panel system generally doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. The average solar panel is expected to last up to 25 years as reliable brands are designed to withstand all elements, from heavy rains to high winds.

Solar panels also don’t have moving parts—the lack of moving pieces results in very little wear and tear on your system.

The solar panel system inverter is usually the part that’ll need to get checked and replaced after about ten years. Inverters typically come with a 10-year warranty, depending upon the model. Replacing or fixing the inverter is a minor cost compared to the overall system however, to keep them operating at maximum capacity they should be serviced yearly by a experience solar repair company.

Your solar panel system warranty will also cover various defects and issues. A qualified solar install or solar repair company will need to review your system to find and report defects.

It’s also recommended that you have a solar panel company perform routine maintenance and cleaning of your solar panels. The average rainfall is usually enough to clean off your solar panels. Dirt build-up and normal shading aren’t usually enough to decrease the efficiency of your system.

Another benefit of having your solar power system routinely maintained is ensuring your panels continue performing at peak performance. You’ll save money and time in the future by catching costly issues before they become serious problems.

Some different types of solar maintenance include:

  • Performance check
  • Panel cleaning
  • Wire management
  • Surge protection
  • Inverter servicing

Solar panels are a significant investment for your home. You should do everything you can to increase their performance while ensuring their longevity.

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