Installing Solar Panels: What to Expect

Step 1 – Solar Panel Needs Assessment

The first step in the process is for a trained solar consultant to meet at your home. We service the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW and will come and understand your solar desires and the purpose you wish solar power to serve in your home – whether as an electricity supplement, or to get you completely off the grid.

We assess a number of your recent power bills and how much electricity you are using in various seasons and when you use it. We also learn how long you are planning to live at your current home, if renovations are planned or if there will be expected growth in electricity consumption either with new family members, or the addition of a swimming pool or other power-hungry item.

We then analyse your property’s sun exposure and aspect, as well as measure available roof space.

Step 2 – Solar Panel Quote

With the needs assessment complete, we are able to provide some solar panel package recommendations tailored to your budget and electricity requirements. We will discuss the features and benefits of varying brands and price brackets – including outlining all applicable government solar panel rebates and explaining the difference between German vs Chinese-designed and manufactured products.

Once you have decided on the best course of solar powered action, we will then manage all appropriate paperwork and government solar panel rebates and schedule a solar panel installation date.

Step 3 –  Solar Panel Installation

Prior to installing solar panels, a detailed explanation will be provided as to the installation process and any access or other requirements.

The installation and wiring of the solar panels usually takes around 4-5 hours. A new solar electricity meter must also be installed so you and the electricity companies can monitor your panel’s output. This takes around two weeks after the panels are installed.

Step 4 –  Training and Support

Watch a SolarEze Solar Installation

Full training is provided to ensure you are well-equipped to monitor, manage and make the most of your new solar powered system.

SolarEze also offers ongoing training and support for all installed systems.

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